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New Construction Loan

Vizion Mortgage offers a streamlined solution, the New Home Construction Loan, simplifying the often-intricate process of building a home from the ground up.

With the comprehensive coverage provided by the New Home Construction Loan from Vizion Mortgage, all aspects of the project, from the initial land purchase to the final roof tiling, are taken care of. If you desire full control over designing every aspect of your new home, the New Home Construction Loan is the ideal choice for you.

How it Works!

The process starts by selecting the builder or contractor who will bring your vision to life. From there, your chosen contractor, in collaboration with Vizion Mortgage, will handle the remaining details.

We take responsibility for managing your construction funds, meticulously tracking and disbursing payments to your contractors. In addition, we ensure the completion of work to the highest professional standards by ordering inspections from certified home inspectors and/or appraisers.

Both you and your contractor can rest assured that the allocated construction funds will be securely held and readily available whenever a payment is required. This peace of mind ensures a smooth and successful construction process.

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